Taughannock Falls

In one of the largest State Parks in New York, Taughannock Falls is quite a natural beauty. One of the tallest waterfalls in the Eastern United States, it is about 215 feet tall. On a calm day, a beautiful reflection can be see in the water below the falls. Be careful not to get too close to the falls though; your camera lens will get very wet from the powerful mist.

Taughannock Falls Reflection

“Taughannock Falls Reflection”

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On the way back down the path from the main falls, you can catch the beautiful golden sunlight filtering through the lush trees.

Taughannock Woods

“Taughannock Woods”

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Be careful during the early spring when the ice and snow are still melting – we caught a glimpse of an enormous chunk of ice breaking off of the upper rock walls and tumbling down to the path. Fortunately the hikers on the path below ran quick enough, else they could have been easily killed by the block of ice that was as big as a full sized automobile. Unfortunately I did not get any images or video of this.

The lower falls, while not as majestic as the main Taughannock Falls, can offer a stunning view.

Lower Taughannock Falls

“Lower Taughannock Falls”

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