Chimney Bluffs

The Sunsets from Chimney Bluffs State Park on the South shores of Lake Ontario are nothing short of spectacular. It’s located on the Eastern shore of Sodus Bay, in the town of Huron. For the best view, use the second entrance to the park a little bit East down the road from the main entrance. Before you can see the bluffs, a steep hike up a short trail is necessary – but in the later hours leading up to Sunset, the trail is beautiful.

"Chimney Bluffs Trail"

“Chimney Bluffs Trail”

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Once you arrive to the cliffs overlooking the bluffs, be very careful not to get too close to the edge. The cliffs can be unstable and are known to fall. The paths around the cliffs are narrow and can be a little scary, so definitely wear good hiking shoes. Once you witness the Sunset though, your fears will subside.

"Chimney Bluffs Lone Pinnacle"

“Chimney Bluffs Lone Pinnacle”

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"Chimney Bluffs Sunset"

“Chimney Bluffs Sunset”

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"Chimney Bluffs After Sunset"

“Chimney Bluffs After Sunset”

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